In case of any allergy or sensitivity against food or ingredient, please signify it towards our college. If the making technique of the food allows it, then of course we give our best to grant your wish, but we ask our dear guests to consider that this is not possible in every case. Our food aside of the marked allergens can contain additional allergenes in small amounts. Allergens: 1 Gluten; 2 Crustaceans; 3 Egg; 4 Fish; 5 Peanut; 6 Soj bean; 7 Milk; 8 Walnuts;

Tasting menu


With safron and salty walnuts

“Szegedi” cabbage

With langustine

angus beef sirloin USDA

With potatoes, pickled mushroom and truffle


With duck fat and pickled green fruits

green apple

With lemony thyme and honey

triple chocolate

With cherry and mint

The price of the 5 course tasting menu – 25.000Ft / / extended with wines +12.000ft



With safron and salty walnuts

3.600 Ft

“Stuffed” sweet cabbage

With scotch langustine

4.800 Ft

Foie gras

With sour cherry, beetroot and piemont nuts

4.400 Ft

Dry aged beef sirlion tatar

With meyer lemon and sesame

4.800 Ft


With mango and beetroots

3.800 Ft


Goose soup

With quince, smoked goose breast and moroccan salty lemon

2.100 Ft

mushroom consomme

With wonton

2.100 Ft


angus beef tatar

With potatoes, pickled mushroom and truffle

8.500 Ft

Fallow deer

With jerusalem artichoke and pear

8.800 Ft

Freekly raised stuffed chicken

With pickled green fruits and baked potatoes

4.900 Ft

Breaded pork

With mashed potato, capri, cranberries and lemon

5.800 Ft

pike perch filet

With crunchy vegetables and ginger

5.900 Ft

Noodles in brown butter

With pumpkin, blue cheese and sage

3.800 Ft


sweet and sour homemade fruit compote

With ginger

1.200 Ft

citrus-yoghurt lettuce heart

With golden raisins and spicy almonds

1.200 Ft

cucumber salad

With yoghurt and dill

1.200 Ft

a piece of sourdough

800 Ft


Poppy seed bread

With orange and tahitian vanilla

2.300 Ft

triple chocolate

With cherry and mint

2.300 Ft

Mont blanc with chestnut

Pumkin and meringue

2.300 Ft



“Little french”

Organic fruit or vegetable juice, croissant, baguette, butter, honey, homemade jam

1.900 Ft

Mangalica Ham Monte Nevado, Csabai sausage, Prague ham

With baguette and butter

2.900 Ft

Producer’s cheese

With seeds and chutney

2.900 Ft

Egg dish as you wish

From 2 eggs

800 Ft


French toast “superior”

Stuffed with Ementaler cheese and Prague ham, with green herb yoghurt

2.200 Ft

Omlette “Gruyere”

With soft cheese, Gruyere, dried tomatoes and green herbs

2.400 Ft



Middle eastern ratatouille, with perfect egg and feta cheese

(With Csabai sausage +500 Ft)

2.600 Ft


Turkish egg, with cream yoghurt, smoked paprika and green herb salad

2.400 Ft

New Style

“Red” benedict bowl

With posé egg with smoked salmon, spinach and maroccan salty lemon

2.600 Ft

“Green” benedict bowl

Posé egg with avocado, coriander and smoked paprika

2.600 Ft

Light… healthy

Chia pudding With macha tea, coconut and pomegrante

2.200 Ft

Smoothie heat

With carrot, ginger and cinnamon

1.600 Ft