Refined rural gastronomy in the heart of Esztergom.

About Us

Our determined goal is to call the magic of the rural gastronomy to life again, here, in the heart of Esztergom, one of the most beautiful city along the way of Duna river. Our chef, Ádám Barna is the pride ambassador of the modern and original approach to the Hungarian gastronomy. He likes to combine his skills and experiences acquired in the high-end gastronomy with the simplicity of the Hungarian traditional dishes, bringing out the best of the ingredients, pulling out the forgotten and boring declared dishes to raise them to new, exciting levels that create genuine experiences.

Adam and the Team

Ádám’s professionalism consists of such accolades as the two “hats”, given by Gault Millau, the Austrian Genausswirt des Jahres, and the Dining Guide’s Top 10 Hungarian restaurant list, as well as the Dining Guide’s “Chef of the Year” award, which was awarded in 2018.

Now with Ádám’s lead, many-many passionate people, who forms the heart of our Bistro are working hard, so anyone can experience what is it like, when a restaurant dining is a genuine treat and holiday.

“Anyone can cook. Some cook well, some lesser, and above all there are some, who cook with love. To us, the food is a journey, where you don’t move, still get to new places. To us, cooking is love, the never-ending will and pulsing excitement. To us, this is everything. To us the 42 is the Bistro, and You are the life in it.”